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The challenges of multilingual parenting

Multilingual parenting is a gift that comes with its challenges and difficulties.
The pressure of wanting to pass on your language and culture to your children in another country, the frustration of grandparents and grandchildren who can’t communicate, and the judgment of outsiders about your parenting are just some of the issues experienced by parents in the multicultural families I mentor.
I hear you, because I am an expat parent myself raising two bilingual children.
Sometimes we hear things like having several languages at home can cause confusion for the children.
And questions arise such as: What if my partner and I speak English, can this affect the children’s language development?

It has happened to you that…

 You speak only the family language at home and you are worried that your child will have difficulties learning the local language or you want to support them in that process.
You have done everything you can to get them to speak your language, but nothing has worked and they only respond to you in the majority language. This has frustrated or saddened you because you know that your language is part of your culture and identity.
You would like to understand the process of multilingual children so that you can best support your children.
You are expecting a baby and want to get it right from the start.
You are a non-native speaker of a language and want to raise your children bilingually.

Then a personalized multilingual parenting consultation can help you.
I sit down with you 1:1 and create your family language plan so that you have the tools and strategies to make sure you are doing it right.


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